Prowler-Wolf (the_shy_wolf) wrote in art_pur_lart,

Hi! I'm new( Anyone have any tips for a beginner in Anthro Comics?)

Hello. I've been drawing Anthro Art for years. (Well to be exact I've been drawin these five Foxes The Royal Sisters for years, I've only just started moving onto other animals.) I've got my own little world and I write about it in a story called the Chronicles of Lowerground. Although this isn't a Fiction Community it's an art one so here is what I have to share.

Here’s my Deviant Art Page Prowler-Wolf

The most recent Costume design of Princess Tasha. (My main Character and the closest thing I have to a Fursona)
And her eldest son
The newer additons to the Royal Sisters Family

However what I am desperate for feedback for is my WIP comic. I have never posted a comic up on the net before and I want to make sure I do this right, so any tips for improving this before I Finish inking and colouring would be a very big help.

Page 1 - Don’t encourage him!
Page 2 - I’m game
Page 3 - Game on
Page 4 - Game over
Page 5 - Hopeless (There is a royal family gag on this page, sorry if it causes any offence)
Page 6 - Have to go back
Page 7 - AHHHhhheee!!!
Page 8 - Kylouzn
Page 9 - Cute...

Thank you.
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